PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation OutlineThe steps for the assignment are…Choose a disease. My Topic IS Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD)Identify the disease.Classify the disease by use of the Epi Triangle.What is the history of  the disease?Identify 3 different outbreaks of the disease.Describe the date, population, event, Attack Rate (or other measure of effect),how the       outbreak was controlled, lessons learned.Discuss the risk of the disease in the future.Presentation RequirementsWork and presentation to be completed individually.This should be an  informative and educational presentation (inform about the disease,      educate on how to prevent it)8 minutes minimum – 10 minutes maximum presentation timePowerPoint presentation approximate 8-10 slidesNo videosWritten speech to accommodate for ADA will be provided at same time as presentation.All images or figures need to be footnoted on the slide in combination with a References slideAudience to be considered general public.Presentations to be performed during dead week/finals week.Need one pages speech about the presentation to present.

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