Presentation on Gerrymandering

ENGL 110

Presentation Guidelines – Gerrymandering (Integrated Research Essay)


This assignment asks you to do a short, informal (really, I mean that) narrated presentation about your research essay. Use a presentation aid (PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc.) of no more than 6 slides. The goal of this presentation is just to give the class a chance to learn a bit about what you did and what you learned over the semester.

Slide / presentation Content

  • Topic selection (how, why)
  • What conflict did you identify? Who / what is on either side of that conflict?
  • Discussion of the two sides and their positions
  • Your solution / recommendation
  • Optional: if there was anything unusual about your research process, feel free to comment (e.g. extreme difficulty locating sources, not much information available, etc.)

Design Principles – Things to Consider

  • Visual appeal (color, backgrounds, font, graphics, balance of white space / text)
  • Transitions / animations
    • Use with caution – too much motion distracts
  • Check for spelling / grammar errors


  • You must make the presentation and write a narration for each slide
  • You must make the presentation from essay ( not from other source)
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