problem solving and analytical skills of computer operating systems

Objectives: To demonstrate knowledge, understanding, critical thinking, research, communication, problem solving and analytical skills on the functions of computer operating systems.


1. Choose either Windows 10 or CentOS Linux as the operating system (OS) for this paper.

2. Conduct research on your selected OS by using course readings and additional sources such as conference and journal papers (e.g. IEEE or ACM Digital Library database) accessible online from the, up-to-date industry and government reports, and other reputable publications.

3. Write a research paper that has the following sections and components:

1) An Introduction section (about 1 page) to briefly describe your selected OS, a summary of the OS functions (e.g. managing processor, memory, devices, storage, file systems, applications, interface, etc.)
2) A Description section (3-4 pages): Give a more detailed description of each of the OS functions identified for the OS. Use sub-headings for each function. Cite research sources for support.

3) A Discussion section (2-4 pages): Evaluate and discuss the performance of each of OS functions; describe any performance or troubleshooting tools used for evaluation, strengths and weaknesses of each OS function, and possible solutions for improvement. Use sub-headings for each function. Cite research sources for support.
4) A Conclusion section (1 or 2 paragraphs) to recap your paper.
5) A References section listing all the sources cited in your paper using examples in the sample IEEE
paper format template and provided and the guide on editing and citing references on pages 34-48 in
the IEEE editorial style manual provided. APA format is also acceptable.

4. Approximate Length and Source Citations:
2) For INF 9-10 pages double-spaced; font Times New Roman; size 12; cite at least 10 sources.

5. Plagiarism: Review the Plagiarism Policy in the course syllabus and give proper credit to all sources of citations (including graphics) in in-text citations and the reference list of your paper. You may not submit a prior paper from another course or school to fulfill this term paper assignment.

6. Submit 2 Files: Paper (Word document) and PowerPoint outline presentation to same time. The presentation is about 6-10 slides and should address all the components of your paper in outline style (keyword summaries and appropriate graphics).Weight: 15% of course grade

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