Project Management Paper

Resources: Project charter and preliminary project plan, both of which were selected by the Learning Team in Week 2

Preliminary Project Charter – Michael Saturno.doc 

Project Selection Paper- Team C WK2.docx

Prepare a final project plan by reviewing and revising the preliminary project plan for the Learning Team’s selected project. Use the requirements defined for the Preliminary Project Plan Assignment in Week 2. This assignment is an *.mpp file, not an MS Word paper.

Summarizethe milestones and tasks that must be accomplished to achieve the project goals by using the task note feature of MS Project.. Include a discussion of the critical path.

UseMicrosoft®Project to develop a high-level work breakdown structure detailing tasks, dependencies, resources, and the critical path.

Includethe Microsoft®Project Gantt chart, the network diagram, and a resource list as part of the project plan. Generate the project budget by assigning the costed resources to your project tasks..

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