Proposal: Toyota Housing Corporation in Mexico

Toyota Housing Corporation: Entering into a New Market in MEXICOType of Assignment: Proposal  (Team assignment but this is my portion)·         MUST ANSWER ALL OF THESE THOROUGHLYo   Structure and Environment of Toyota’s Housing Corporationo   SWOT Analysiso   Financial StrategyWebsites to use as sources:·· will check all of the formatting criteria.  I don’t need any manipulations of spacing or margin sizes.  If you do, it’ll affect your rating.  I check everything.·         Times New Roman·         12-PT Font·         1” Margins.·         4-5 Pages (No less but no more than 5 pages Grad-Level Writing·         No more than 3%  score in turnitin·         Must have 4 outside sources (No Wiki)·         MUST, Absolutely MUST use the TWO PDF files as sources AS WELL

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