PSY 305 Research Methods, Statistics, and Applications

In this Data Analysis project, we will be examining the distribution of three common areas of academic study and comparing these to the known mean in the overall population. Fifty students in this class have taken three measures of academic success — Math, Reading, and Spelling. As the teacher you know that each test has been used nationally and know that the expected means for each test are:• Math –μ=71• Reading μ=53• Spelling μ=38You want to know if your class is significantly different from the expected mean from the population. The data for your class of 50 students can be found here: Data Analysis_2.sav1. State your null and alternative hypotheses.2. Is this a one or two-tailed hypotheses? Explain.3. Calculate the appropriate statistical test. (If you get stuck, refer back to the video from 2a or see the description in your book)• Be sure to include measures of central tendency and variability in your analysis/writeup.4. Can you reject the null hypothesis? Why or why not?5. Write a results section for your findings.• Include the descriptive statistics, type of statistical test, and results of the tests, with effect sizes and confidence intervals.

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