Psychological and theoretical perspectives discussion

For this week’s discussion, after reading Chapter 1 consider the 7 main psychological perspectives/ theoretical views (Neuroscience * Evolutionary * Behavior Genetics * Psychodynamic * Behavioral * Cognitive *Social-Cultural) discussed in class and in your textbook and respond to the following:

1. If you were a psychologist, which theoretical perspective do you think you would be most likely to utilize and state why. What specific aspects of the theory appeal to you? Are there any shortcomings / drawbacks to the theory?

2. State which of the theoretical perspectives you think you would be least likely to ascribe to and state why.

Note: Your responses can be brief or “bullet point” style but should include good details to show you are reflecting on the info from your reading (vs. opinion/generalities.). You are also not required to respond to other student posts for this discussion, but do take time to review each others’ responses and “like” any that you find of interest/well-stated.

the discussion should be more than 500 words.

After you wright the brief, solve this points.


Identify 1 key Person (ex. theorist, case example, scientist, historical figure, etc.) associated with this Chapter topic and explain why he/she was important.

6. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________





List 2 new terms or words you now know after reading this chapter and give their definitions.

7. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________



List 1 thing happening in the world / popular culture today that is relatable to this Chapter topic (ex. news story, controversial person, an event, art/social/cultural/political phenomenon, etc.)

9. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Pose a Question for further exploration that you now have after reading this Chapter.

10. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________




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