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apply safety and health-related theory and technology to address environmental issues. Please include the components listed below in your assignment.Discuss the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Technology Verification Program as discussed in the assigned article by Ashley, Waits, Hartzell, and Harten (2005). Discuss ammonia and mercury monitoring specifically.Provide an equation used for computing water flow rate from pipe diameter. Describe the application and variables in the equation.Explain two methods for treating water.Explain two features of a solid waste landfill.Describe two hazardous waste onsite remediation technologies.Explain the purpose of an electrostatic precipitator and the air pollutants that it removes, and show an equation used to determine its efficiency.Provide the equation used to compute SPL (in dB) from sound pressure in µbars. If a bulldozer emits a sound level of 90 dBA, what is the sound level (dBA) of two bulldozers next to each other?Discuss your favorite part of the course.Your assignment should flow smoothly from topic to topic with thoughtful transitions. Your assignment should be at least four pages in length,

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