Reflection 8: As you examine the concepts that have been studied and discussed

the name of the course is Essential business concept. we studied topics such as

1. leadership vision and ethics

2. entrepreneurship

3.  Plan: Roles, Mission, Strategy, and Plans

Organize: Organizational Structure, Culture, and Employee Recruitment, Selection, and HiringDirect, Control, Evaluate Decision Making, Delegating, and Appraising, Research and Reading Assignments


Discover: The Marketing Mix, Market Research, and Target Marketing ,Product Innovation, Branding, Pricing, and ValuePromotions and Marketing Communications

5. Microsoft Office Excel

Profit: Open Books, Cash Flow, and Income, Balance Sheet, Risk, Financing, and Diversification,Economics and Competition, Monetary and Fiscal Policy, the Economic Cycle, and Economic, Personal Money: Your Money, Your Future

 those are just a few of the topics that was studied in class. this is just to give you an idea of some of the concepts that was discussed and studied,

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