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Reply to:Gender variation refers to the people with a gender expression that is seen as different from the social norm. In the current society, there are different gender variations. They include; transgender, homosexual, and bisexual.Several cultural factors affect gender identity(Turban). One factor is gender roles. It refers to the concept of society on how men and women should behave. As people grow, they are taught how to behave according to their biological sex. Gender socialization also affects gender identity. This occurs through four agents; education, family mass media, and peer groups. The agents interfere with gender roles by creating expectations for gender-specific behavior. Sexism, gender stereotypes, and gender role enforcement also affect gender identity.Gender dysphoria can be treated in several ways. One way is through changes in gender expression and role. Medical treatment can be done through hormone therapy and surgery. Behavioral health treatment may improve well-being, self-fulfillment, and quality of life. Parental support groups can be useful by parents supporting their children with gender dysphoria.

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