Service Marketing versus Product Marketing

Before completing this assignment, Read below to view some differences in marketing a service, versus marketing a product. Consider whether or not the fundamentals of marketing are applicable to both services and products.:

Product vs. Service


This photo is of a young, serious business man leaning against an MRI machine in a hospital setting. The machine fills most of the image.

Marketed for: Hospital executives interested in purchasing an MRI machine; Physicians interested in adding an MRI to their office practices.


This example is a photo of a friendly young doctor attending to an older woman with a cane. They are smiling at each other. The setting is unclear because the focus of the image rests on the two people.

Marketed for: A physician clinic that treats senior patients; Hospital, home health agency, or long-term care facility.

Marketers who specialize in health care services often consider service marketing to be fundamentally different from product marketing. Marketers who specialize in health care products take exception to this claim; they believe that the fundamentals of marketing are largely applicable to both services and products. Analyze both sides and this argument, and then select and support a position. 500 words APA format with properly formatted references

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