SOCW6311 Walden Evaluation Process and Presentation Improvement Paper

Discussion 1

Respond to a colleague by offering critiques of their analyses. Identify strengths in their analyses and strategies for presenting evaluation results to others. Identify ways your colleagues might improve their presentations. Identify potential needs or questions of the audience that they may not have considered. Provide an additional strategy for overcoming the obstacles or challenges in communicating the content of the evaluation reports.

Response to Kynesha

Present the results of the evaluation

I would present the results of the evaluation to all stakeholders in the program, to include staff, facilitators, funders etc. I would inform them that the inter-rater reliabilities of the scores were high, this caused the item ratings by the two observers to be averaged out (Law & Shek, 2013). At least 76% of the program followed the manual created. Based on the data obtained, the quality of implementation and success rate of the program were high (Law & Shek, 2013). The highest scores were for classroom management and familiarity with students. Reflective learning received the lowest score (Law & Shek, 2013) . Improvements for this factor need to be discussed at a later date.

Background information and Key message

The background information should include a summary of the program, the mission statement, history, goals and the evaluation process. Additionally, the background information needs to include the stakeholders, what roles they were supposed to play, why we chose the evaluation design and data collection methods and did these methods meet our expectations, results and conclusion (McNamara, 2006). My key message will recap the program and its overall goals, expected outcomes and what outcomes came into play. Briefly summarizing all this information will ensure that all stakeholders present has an understanding of details that took place from the start of the program all the way to the ending results/outcome of the program.

Strategies used to meet your colleagues’ interests and goals.

To meet the interests and goals of my colleagues, I would include visual representation of the information mentioned above. This will include a PowerPoint presentation and a handout of the mission statement, program goals, evaluation and findings. This will ensure that everyone is able to physically see and hear our findings. If someone is not able to make the meeting or must leave early, they can take a handout with them to view later or it can be sent via email to those not present.

Questions and Reactions

The reactions that I receive from my colleagues will vary. I must understand and respect everyone’s thoughts and opinions. They may want information on how clients as well as themselves are going to be affected in the future. Questions asked will probably include the program’s strengths and weakness. There may be questions on how to move forward from this point on.


Law, B. M., & Shek, D. T. (2013). Process evaluation of the Project PATHS in Hong Kong. In Development and Evaluation of Positive Adolescent Training through Holistic Social Programs (PATHS) (pp. 227-246). Springer, Singapore

Chapter 10, “Analyzing Evaluation Data” (pp. 255–275)

McNamara, C. (2006a). Contents of an evaluation plan. In Basic guide to program evaluation (including outcomes evaluation). Retrieved from…


Discussion 2

Response to Brian

Respond to at least two colleagues by doing the following:

  • Note similarities and differences between how you plan to apply what you have learned and how they plan to apply their knowledge in their field experiences and careers.
  • Identify an additional way that your colleagues might find what they have learned useful.

During this course I feel that I was able to learn many new skills to better understand the program evaluation process and apply the appropriate intervention. One of the most useful resources was the basic guide to program evaluations in which McNamara provides the important elements of evaluations as it is important to “ensure your evaluation plan is documented so you can regularly and efficiently carry out your evaluation activities.” (McNamara, 2006) It will be important to use my skills in order to obtain enough information in order to develop an evaluation that other will be able to recognize and understand. Being able to recognize and understand what the primary goals and needs for those that in which the plan is designed for.

One skill I hope to master is to be able to communicate effectively with others to ensure proper feedback to be able to maintain the strengths and to be able to identify and correct the weaker areas. Communication is important to ensure information is collected to understand, identify and make corrections when needed.


McNamara, C. (2006). Reasons for priority on implementing outcomes-based evaluation. In Basic guide to outcomes-based evaluation for nonprofit organizations with very limited resources. Retrieved from:

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