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1. Why is the tort of negligence more common in sports litigation than others?

2. Discuss the differences between ordinary negligence, gross negligence, and


3. Why are waivers used in sports law and the sports business?

4. Discuss the relationship between tort (civil) law and criminal law.

5. To what degree do you think that the Internet has assisted in the erosion of

privacy in general, especially for coaches and athletes?

6. Explain the struggle in the state of New Jersey and others related to flying

objects and torts.

7. What mascots have been involved in tort-related litigation?

8. What might an institution do to reduce serious injury or death and potential

liability during a sport practice or competition?

9. Has the advent of social media virtually eliminated claims over invasion of privacy and the right to privacy?

10. What is the difference between the English Rule and the American Rule?

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