Team Work and Mental Health Discussion

ad the handout and use one as reference just one page APA

Teams are fabulous for getting work done in a supportive environment. Did you ever notice that the attitudes of your team members can affect your own thinking and behavior? This is where you can turn to your strengths to help you stay positive and to help others reframe issues that are bothering them.

Think about a strength of yours. It might be something that came up in a performance review, or was mentioned by a teacher or it’s just something you know about yourself.

How will this strength of yours help you with the four things people look for in leaders. How will it help you:

•Build Trust with your team;

•Show Compassion for team members;

•Provide Stability for the team;

•Create Hope for the team.


•How can this strength help you maintain your buoyancy when others are down?

•How can you use this strength to help others reframe issues?

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