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The video was very good and educational, it broke down the crisis for me better than reading the information in our text and in other publications. AIG just kept getting deeper and deeper into the subprime mortgage market until their firm finally collapsed.
I feel lucky I was able to stay clear of the credit crisis, and it is just pure luck or the fate of events during the time before the credit crisis fell hard. I was in-between jobs in 2007, I also had surgery scheduled during this “down time”. I helped a friend my mine with her business cleaning houses. It wasn’t a glam job, but it helped to pay the bills. During this time I had two great interviews, one with a small financial investment company, they were looking for an admin. assistant. Since they were small, they could not cover any kind of benefits, however, it would be a start up position as they had never had an admin. assistant before. The other interview was for an admin. assistant for a realty company that had been in business for a long time. Both interviews went great and both wanted to hire me. Because of my surgery I could not take either position, as I would not be able to work 4-6 weeks.
While I was still recuperating from my surgery, I sent my resume to several blind ads. One blind ad was for the company I currently work for and I have been employed with them for 10 years. I am so thankful I did not take the job with the financial investment firm or with the realty company. The realty company is still in business, I am not sure of the financial investment firm. I would have been looking for a job again if I would have taken one of those positions. And that would have led to a foreclosed home among other things. I feel very fortunate.

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