The artistic work of Ray and its significance

Choose one artist from this module, select an artwork created by this artist that was not included in the module, and tell me about it. Be sure to discuss the working methods of this artist and how it relates to photography. (photo included)

Questions to Consider:

1. Describe the artistic practice of your chosen example. (How is the art object made?) How does the artist use photographic materials, methods, or practices? What is it about photography specifically that appeals to them? What kinds of methods does this artist employ that are wholly dependent upon the photographic image?

2. Describe the general philosophy and/or artistic goals of the movement to which that artwork belongs (i.e. why is it classified in that manner?)

3. Explain what about the artist and/or artwork you find interesting.

Remember: Be sure to include a specific reference (including an image would be ideal), listing artist, title, date, etc. as applicable.

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