The Bad Seed Analysis

Record your response(s) to the characters and events as they unfold. Mark passages that stand out to you as significant so that you can refer to them during the discussion. Select one of the prompts below or create a focus for the initial post:

  • Which characters are likeable? Which are not? How does the narrator influence our perception of the characters? Select three characters. In the initial post, focus on one important aspect of each character.
  • Examine the setting (time and place) and consider the social conventions that govern the actions of the characters. What does an analysis of the setting allow us to understand about the conflicts March asks us to examine?
  • The novel asks us to examine what is natural and unnatural behavior. A integral part of the debate of natural and unnatural behaviors addresses questions or nature and nurture. How does the novel challenge and/or reinforce our assumptions when we consider these debates?


The book is on Password: studypool

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