The Carbon Cycle

AThe Carbon CycleAshford University DiscussionThe carbon cycle is one of the primary principles of environmental biology as it regulates the transfer of the most basic element of life between sources. Using your textbook as a guide, explain the major pathways and storage reservoirs of the carbon cycle. With this in mind, discuss how human activities may alter this cycle and the repercussions of such alterations. Support your claims with at least two scholarly sources in addition to the textbook.Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length. Properly cite any references in APA formatATTACHEDED IS THE CHAPTER NEEDED FOR THIS!! YOU MUST USE THIS CHAPTER PLUS TWO (2) ADDITIONAL RESOURCES. MUST HAVE IN-TEXT CITES. ATTACHED ARE THE RESOURCES AND THE GRADING RUBICS SO YOU KNOW EXACTLLY WHAT NEEDS TO BE INCLUDED IN THIS ASSIGNMENT!!!

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