The Org Chart


Organization Charts are extremely important for strategic planning, and having a correctly structured org chart is an important first step in assessing the organizational structure. Equally important is the development of alternative structures for the org chart, generally putting the people at the top, and looking at different linkages between the council, different departments, and key functions.

umatilla w org chart p 9.pdf 

Answer the following Questions: 

1- What is an organization chart? What can you learn when you “read” or examine an organizational chart?

2- What are the three types of organizational frameworks? What are the differences between the three? Describe any experiences you have had with each, or what you would expect working as a mid-level policy analyst or planner within each structure?

Describe the CTUIR Organization in terms of relation to tribal members and their needs, effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.

4- What is an organigraph? What is the value of the organigraph over a standard organizational chart. What might an organigraph for the CTUIR look like based on activities identified in the organization, or what might it look like for an organization you are familiar with? Describe.

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