Topic 2 DQ 2

Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

The clinical problem that the organization is facing right now are issues with “hospital acquired pressure injuries”. The wound ostomy continence team previously were managing all at-risk patients with Braden scores that were moderate to high/severe risk (Moderate risk 13-14 and high/severe risk <9-12) and implementing protocols along with preventive interventions to help manage outcomes. The facility changed policies end of fourth quarter and nursing was expected to complete all risk assessments and implement interventions to reduce HAPI’s. Unfortunately, audits performed showed that skin assessments and interventions were not being completed and facility prevalence and incidence showed 12 HAPI’s.

There are several implications for the organization if they cannot reduce number of HAPI’s. There is the legality of being sued if a patient develops a HAPI. Also, the increased length of stay and lack of reimbursement for stage 3 and 4 pressure injuries can be significant to healthcare systems. The annual cost to treat pressure injuries is 1.68 to 6.8 billion dollars. This does not include the cost of litigation. Aside from the high cost of treatment, pressure injuries also have a significant impact on patients’ lives and on provider’s ability to render appropriate care to patients. Given the negative impact of pressure injuries on health outcomes, it is widely recognized that prevention is better than treatment of pressure injuries (Joint Commission, 2016).


Preventing pressure injuries, (2016). Quick Safety Issue. The Joint Commission, division of healthcare improvement, issue 25. Retrieved from…

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