Vanguard group

Whether investors call the Vanguard group, visit one of its offices, log onto its Web site, or use its apps, they’ll find a wealth of information, tools, and advice to help them manage their investments and achieve their financial goals. Best-known for its low-cost index funds, Vanguard also offers brokerage services, retirement planning services, college investment accounts, and research and educational information for individuals. In addition, it manages pension funds for companies and for nonprofit organization such as colleges and hospitals.

Because of Vanguard’s long-time focus on mutual funds, it didn’t begin offering exchange-traded funds (EFT’s) until 2001, again keeping costs low as it does with its mutual funds. Now the company has become the third largest U&.S. provider of EFT’s, and more than 45 percent of the funds it receives from clients flow into the EFT’s adding up to more than $200 billion in EFT assets

What to do:

When investing for a long-term goal such as retirement, how are the costs associated with your investments likely to affect your results?

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