Week 9 Criminal Justice Agency and Budgeting Discussion Paper

Week 9 Discussion 


It does not require a degree in accounting to accept the financial  generalization that the largest cost for most organizations is  personnel. If you recognize that, then you must realize that a  comparatively small percentage of a criminal justice agency budget will  be left for training, equipment, facilities, and other essential costs.  Carry this logic a little further and you probably grasp that  nonessential costs will receive very little consideration in most  budgets.

For this Discussion, locate and review a budget report from a  criminal justice agency. If you have difficulty locating a budget  report, request assistance from your peers or from your Instructor.

Post by Day 3: Identify which priorities are  addressed through the budget document. Explain how the budget could  better identify and meet needs beyond pay, benefits, and overtime.  Describe the shortcomings of the document. Finally, make recommendations  as to how additional justification supplements might assist reviewing  officials and taxpayers to better assess the needs and benefits of  budget requests.

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