Write a 600-word or more, literary analysis of characterization in one of the following short plays: “A Quiet Torrential Sound” (LTG 581), “Playwriting 101” (LTG 832), or “The Reprimand” (LTG 851).

Format: MLA

Write this paper in essay format: First Introduction, than Body, than Conclusion.

Materials Needed: “Literature to Go”

Work cited: Cite book “Literature to Go.

Submit your response in M.S Word.

1. Your first paragraph will need to address directly the assigned topic, probably by identifying the text that your essay will be examining and by clarifying your approach. However you choose to begin, this opening paragraph should conclude with a clear thesis. (Rest of the paper should follow thesis statement)

2.Organize your very best ideas into cohesive units of meaning that can then be developed into several full, pointed paragraphs.

3. Quote directly words, phrases, and passages that best support your ideas; without such direct textual support, your claims about the text will remain unconvincing.

4. There should not be any grammatical and mechanical mistakes.

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