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TOPIC: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN OIL SPILLS IN WATER SOURCES AND THE HIGH INCIDENCE OF BREAST CANCERA. Topic: The relationship between oil spills in water sources and the high incidence of breast cancer cases in the gulf countries.B. Search Terms:· Oil spills in water· Impacts of oil spills in water· Breast Cancer· Causes of breast cancer· Health effects of the Gulf oil spill· Cancer epidemiology and control in the Arab world· Environmental pollutionWater pollution and impacts on the seafood1) Paper length 6-10 pages – aim for about 5000 words; papers between 3,000 – 5,000 words are acceptable (it is actually harder to write a shorter paper, you’d be surprised!)2) No need for writing an abstract with your paper; those are generally reserved for peer-review publications and is generally an art unto itself.3) You don’t need to re-hand in your PRISMA diagram with your paper *unless* we specifically asked you to make some changes (e.g., fill in your n). Please do include your bibliography with your paper.I have provided the Search terms above.

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