15 Graduate Level Reading Assigments of Business Ethics, management homework help

Reading Assignments: 

As you complete your reading assignments, write a brief summary of each assigned reading and begin compiling these in a single document (Word is preferred)

You should be prepared to answer the following questions for each assigned reading:

  1. What is this writer’s proposition? (i.e. What is he/she trying to sell me?)
  2. Do you agree or disagree?  Why?
  3. Note any presuppositions you observe.

These reading summaries should be no more than one paragraph long – two at most.

S1 – Part 1 Intro P.1-20.pdf 

2. S2 – Fireman P.34-39.pdf 

3. S3 – Freeman P.39-53.pdf 

4. S4 – Bowie P.56-66.pdf  

5. S5 – Solomon P.66-77.pdf 

6. S6 – Gustafson P.78-89.pdf 

7. S7 – McVea P.89-100.pdf 

8. S8 – Kanl P.110-115.pdf 

9. S9 – Brenkert P.115-126.pdf 

10. S10 – Bok P.128-135.pdf 

11. S11 – Carr P.136-142.pdf 

12. S12 – Part 2 Intro P.143-150.pdf 

13. S13 – Locke P.158-162.pdf 

14. S14 – Smith P.163-167.pdf 

15. S15 – Marx P.167-171.pdf 

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