I need a 2 page essay on communications

For this assignment you will choose and analyze interpersonal event /experience from your life then explain why that event represents a significant interpersonal concept.


First, briefly describe the interpersonal event/ experience you will be analyzing. Then, describe the concept(s) in which you believe represents your interpersonal experience. Include proper vocabulary of the concepts you believe relate to your experience.  Make sure your description includes information from our text and at least one outside source.  You should use the event/experience for this assignment to explore the interpersonal and cultural influences that have formed you; what you have learned about interpersonal communication this semester and the diverse events and experiences that have formed you.  Before writing your assignment take a moment to think about the event/ experience as someone viewing it from an outsiders perspective.


For the presentation, you will briefly describe the interpersonal event/ experience. Then briefly summarize how you feel the concepts you have chosen explain what occurred during your experience.


Paper should be typed, double-spaced, 2-3 pages in length.  Paper should also have reference attached in APA or MLA style.

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