Managerial Communication

Answer the questions thoroughly.  Write in complete sentences.  Proofread.  While I do not expect a perfectly polished exam, I do want to be able to determine what it is that you are saying.  Take the time to reread your answers before you submit!!

DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.  I had responses in the last exam taken verbatim from Wikipedia.  Ugh.  Don’t go there.  If I can tell a response is plagiarized (and believe me, I can) I will fail the exam.  Use your own words.  You’re smart. 

Here are some questions to help you prepare for the exam.  Be prepared to answer these questions or questions that are a close approximation to these!  Your prep time will be time well spent.  HINT HINT

  1. Describe the four major reasons [1. communicating, 2. decision-making (2. evaluating), 4. evaluation and motivating (development) and motivating (developing)] for performance appraisals. What purpose do they serve? Why are they important? Do internet research to support your answers.

  2. What is the definition of selection?  What are some of the employee selection tools used by managers?  Which are most effective? Why?

  3. Be prepared to write an essay in which you identify the advantages and disadvantages of group decision making.  When is it useful?  When is it not? Why would you as a manager opt to use it? When would you choose not to?

  4. Much talk surrounds the different generations of workers.  Describe the characteristics of Gen Y employees in particular. What sorts of challenges do Gen Y employees present to managers?  How can managers best leverage the strengths of this group? How can managers alleviate the weaknesses?  Do internet research to support your answers regarding Gen Y characteristics.

  5. What are some traits associated with leadership?  Be prepared to list them and discuss them.

  6. The economic recession of the last few years saw employees at the receiving end of job insecurity, layoffs, tight budgets, minimal or no pay raises, benefit cuts, no bonuses, and long hours doing the work of those who had been laid off.  Let’s assume that you were a manager during these difficult times.  What would you do to motivate your employees? 

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