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1. Share the efficiency that your group achieved with the rest of the class and list the efficiencies of each group in tabular form. What is the range of values achieved? What is the average value?2. What would cause the calorimeter efficiency to be less than 100%? Provide at least two possible causes.3. What human errors might explain the variation in the observed efficiencies? Provide at least two reasons why your group’s efficiency differs from that of the other groups.4. What improvements could be made to this calorimeter or experimental procedure in order to reduce the variation in observed efficiencies and achieve a higher efficiency? Discus at least four improvements.5. Consider if you were to eat a bowl of Cheerios. Would all of the energy in them (Calories) be converted into biomass (muscle, fat, etc.)? What happens to most of the energy consumed by any organism? What is a good estimate of trophic level efficiency (%)?

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