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Need these 4 questions answered and must be original

These short answer questions are intended to measure your understanding of the material.These questions can be answered in no less than 175 words. The book is isbn13: 978-1-133-04972-2 Crime Victims by andrew Karmen

Remember APA formatting

  • Cover page
  • Double spacing
  • In-text citations
  • Reference page
  • Running head
  • Write your answers in paragraph form (5-7 sentences) and keep bulleted points to a minimum.
  • Use quotations carefully and sparingly. I want to read what you know and your analysis.
  • Imagine you are asking a colleague to read your answer, would they understand what you are saying?  Write your answer for someone who does not know the issues.

  1. What has been theorized about risk factors? Why are certain groups more likely to be a victim of crime than others?

  2. Arguments that the victims of crime might share responsibility with their offenders are common in victimology. Outline and discuss the concepts of victim blaming and victim defending.

  3. Discuss the reasons why a victim might choose to not report a crime to the police. Include a discussion of the victim’s role as a facilitator, precipitator, or provocateur .

  4. When people fill out a complaint in a police station, they want officers to accept without question their version of what transpired. Define and discuss the processes of unfounding and defounding. In what ways do these processes impact the numbers of serious crimes recorded by police departments?

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