The last assignment gives you a chance to reflect on the material that we’ve covered in this semester regarding public finance. You may choose to review some of the lectures or reading assignments if you have forgotten what we have discussed ๐Ÿ™‚ . Once you have had a chance to reflect, address the following, and feel free to elaborate to whatever extent you would like:1. What did you learn about public finance and budgeting that you did not know, or did not understand?2. How do you feel about your local community’s public financing models and budgeting abilities after digesting this material? Do you feel your community compares well with others? Is it stable? Unstable?3. How transparent is your community regarding revenue models and expenditure choices within the context of good budgeting practices?4. How has taking this course changed or affected your opinion about local government financing in general?Don’t forget to adhere to all writing guidelines (refer back to the syllabus if you need more information) and to turn in your assignment on time!

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