A Case Study Fact Sheet

Midland Energy Resources
-Review the Harvard Business School Case (Brief Case) – #4130, dated June 19, 2009 pdf Attached

-See attachment which is Information to compute WACC based upon different capital structures.

-The assignment requirements in the attached file

Very important Notes:
1.Overview and Assumptions:
A. Appropriateness of T-bond maturity used
B. Appropriateness of equity risk premium used
C. Appropriateness of using firm-level WACC for divisions
D. Approach to defining division-level cost of capital
2. Computation of firm-level WACC
3. Computation of division-level cost of capital
4. Approach used to compute cost of capital for Petro Chemical Division
5. User Guide Recommendations – capital project valuation, asset projects, performance evaluation
6. Format and Content

1- Number of pages must be (4 pages

standard 1″ margins
single-spacing (text)
double-spacing between paragraphs
no paragraph indentation (left justified)
size 12 font, Times New Roman, black text
italicized or bold font for section headings
3- Avoiding Plagiarism.

See the link which some examples of fact sheet :

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