Amy’s Donuts and Tim Horton Comparison

History, Comparison, and Bibliography

The 2 companies I chose is Amy’s Donuts ( closest is Columbus, Ohio) and Tim Horton

  • Select one (1) local or regional company and one (1) national or multinational company that compete in the same industry.
  • Assessment of each company, their products/services, operations, and distribution.
  • Compare and contrast each company based on how you view their relationship with stakeholders.
  • An annotated bibliography, of at least eight (8) references that helped you understand your two (2) companies.
  • Sources could include government agencies, trade magazines, national/regional publications, statistical studies, articles, books, textbooks, company/competition specific websites, etc.
  • Must be 2 pages in APA form with in text citations….must have all the stuff that is listed above.
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