Analyze various industrial applications of DSS and their limitations.


Differentiate between Decision Support System (DSS) and Business Intelligence (BI).


Search about a business report and discuss the following:

Explain the structure of the report. What is the type of this report based on the contents.


Design a star model that analyzes the sales of a fast food company. The principle is to measure sales through quantities sold and profits. For this, we are based on a function of the sales made per day, in a given restaurant, for a given food. The goal is to be able to analyze sales by day, by week, by month and by year. Restaurants can be grouped according to their city and country.


Suppose you are working on students’ data for a specific course. One of the attributes is ‘Result’, showing the student final result in the course.Suggest some possible values of ‘Result’ attribute in three different data types: numeric, ordinal and nominal.


Data type

Possible values





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