Benefits of Incorporating Art as A Unit in Six Grade Discussion Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate knowledge of the main topics of this course. Be sure that your paper is thorough and complete, demonstrates knowledge of the topic, and reflects your new learning from this class.

Create a thematic unit that teaches a particular subject and incorporates all six of the art forms we have studied – drama, poetry, music, visual arts, movement and storytelling. Your unit should give

  • the rationale of why it is important to integrate the arts,
  • the benefits of integrating arts into the curriculum,
  • why/how incorporating the arts can enhance learning.

Choose a subject and grade level that is relevant to you, your current teaching or future teaching. You may even choose a unit of study from your current curriculum and reshape it by integrating all of the art forms into it. Feel free to use all of the resources that have been presented throughout this course, by anyone in the course, plus any additional resources you may discover.

The unit should include grade level, subject, rationale for teaching the unit, rationale for integrating the arts, objectives, activities for each art form, materials needed, and any further applications or explanations that are possible. The unit should be thorough enough that you could pick it up and start teaching it in your classroom next week. Again, be sure that you incorporate all of the art forms into the activities you choose to teach the subject.

This paper should be at least 5 pages in length.

The rubric that I will use when grading this project is located under “Handouts” on the Resources & Materials page of this course. I strongly suggest you use it as a guide for writing your paper.

There are two examples of Final Projects under “Handouts” on the Resources & Materials page of this course.

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