Blue Sky Mine

A. To prepare for your original posting, do some online research about the Blue Sky Mineandthen view the official music video”Blue Sky Mine”by Midnight Oil (on page 8 under their Videos tab) in order to:1. identify (and post using 1a, 1b, etc to identify your answers) – 4 ptsa. what was mined here and for what purpose the material was/is usedb. how the Colonial Sugar Refinery treated its miners duringandafter the mine operationsc. whether or not the company demonstrated principles of corporate social responsibility (look this term up if it’s unfamiliar to you)if theydiddemonstrate corporate social responsibility, describe at least two example of how theydiddemonstrate CSRif theydid notdemonstrate corporate social responsibility, describe at least two examples of how theycould havedemonstrated CSRwho is responsible for ensuring corporate social responsibility in any setting in any nationandwhy2. describe (and post) how Midnight Oil uses music (speed, tone, volume, key, etc.), lyrics,and,importantly, images to tell the story of the Blue Sky Mine – 2 pts

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