Brain damage discussion questions

choose two prompts to answer it’s for discussion so half a page is fine for each prompts: Must have relevance to chapter material and use of text content increases point value it’s attached

  1. Have you ever known someone who was brain-damaged? What area? What caused the damage and what loss of abilities occurred because of it?
  2. Do you think that your skills and personality demonstrate more of left or right brain functions? Take this Hemisphere Dominance Inventory (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and see if it agrees with your own assessment:. But what does it mean?
  3. Do you think future research will show a greater effect of genes on behavior (nature) or will nurture win out?
  4. Describe 5 brain areas that are especially active as you write your reply to this question.
  5. “Drugs work by affecting the action of neurotransmitters.” What does that mean?
  6. Have you had your brain examined with a CT scan, PET scan, or MRI/fMRI? Describe the experience and the results.
  7. Does neuromarketing as mentioned in the text sound like a good or bad idea?
  8. Have you know twins or adoptees used in research?
  9. Is thinking and consciousness just neurons firing in the brain – nothing more?
  10. Why do we have reflexes?
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