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Please post your “Case Note Outline” here no later than Wednesday of Week#5. After you have posted your “Case Note Outline,” please critique the outlines of at least two of your peers no later than Sunday of Week#5. Your outline should have the following parts: (1) Introduction, (2) Facts, (3) Holding, (4) Discussion of Prior Law/Legal Background, (5) Reasoning/Analysis, and (6) Conclusion. Remember that a case note should make a legal argument about the Supreme Court’s reasoning and the effect of the case.

Please review the following handout that describe the parts of a case note:

****Below is the case that I chose. Please be sure to click on link and follow the strict instructions for the assignment. This is just the outline but do not miss the parts that was mentioned above.****

Lockhart v. U.S., No. 14-8358 [Arg: 11.3.2015 Trans./Aud.; Decided 3.1.2016]

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