COMM146 UCLA Relationship Between Monkey Morales and The FBI Questions

The first article:

Who was Ricardo “Monkey” Morales? (2)

2.What was the Mutiny?

3.Who were the main marihuana smugglers in the 1960s-1970s? (25)

4.Why did drug kingpins get interested on Mollie Hampton?

5.How was the relationship between “Monkey” Morales and the FBI? (42)

The second article:

.What is dreamland and why is this important for this community?

2.Who is Matt and what did happen to him? (6-7)

3.Why did people get addicted to heroine (7)

4.What is “black tar”? (17-19)

5.What were the industries in Huntington (18) and Portsmouth (24)?

6.What did happen to the industries at this places?

7.What are the merchants of poor economy and why did they bloom in Portsmouth?

8.Why is the affluent becoming addicted to opioids? (37-38)

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