Communication Management Plan

It is time to finalize your communication management plan. You have reviewed your plan several times again with your team, program manager and other stakeholders on this project. You have included the communication chart in the correct section based on everyone’s feedback. Complete Appendix A on the last page of the communication management plan template and the risk solution description table on the last page. You must transfer your risk information from the previous column and provide a detail description for all of your recommended solution with a strong defense to support why you believe these solutions are the best option to address the program.

Review the directions carefully, consider all of your options, and provide details with explanations. Defend your work with examples and references, and make sure your work reflects graduate level writing.

All assignments are expected to adhere to adhere APA formatting standards (references and citations), reflect high-level of scholarship, use correct grammar, and reflect critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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