Comp 230 Your company is currently planning to automate many different system administration tasks

Attached is an example paper. Below is the assignment tasks.


Your company is currently planning to automate many different system administration tasks. Your manager has asked you to research a system administration task and implement it using VBScript. In addition, your manager would like to see both a proposal that describes the system administration task and a complete VBScript solution with sample output runs.

During the first 6 weeks of this course, you will be introduced to a variety of topics in VBScript. These topics include the following.

VBScript Introduction: Variables, Constants, and Data Types
VBScript Output Methods, VBScript Input Methods
VBScript Decision-Making Statements
VBScript Loop Structures and Arrays
VBScript Procedures and Functions
VBScript File Input/Output Methods

The Course Project is worth 170 points and is comprised of the following deliverables.

Week 3: Outline (30 points)
Week 6: Complete proposal (140 points)

The following is a list of guidelines for your Course Project, due in Week 6.

The complete proposal should include the following.

Description of program (script)
Source Code with detailed comments
Source Code should contain a minimum 5 out of 6 topics learned during this session.
Explain the output along with screenshots of the output

All DeVry University policies are in effect, including the plagiarism policy.
Use each week’s lecture, reading assignments, labs, and discussions as guidance and supporting information for your proposal.
APA formatting is required for your proposal.
The proposal shall be your individual and original work. This is not a team project.
The proposal is intended to be a professional document.
Questions concerning the paper may be discussed in the weekly Q & A discussion topic.

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