Complete Health History and Physical Assessment Write-Up Presentation, health and medicine homework help

APA format, references, please follow all instructions his is an assessment class in an nurse practitioner program, find attached the patient information and physical

You were required to complete a health history and physical assessment on a patient you assessed in your practicum and submit a professional Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with narrative slides and present it this week.

Completing the PowerPoint presentation with narrative slides:

The health history and physical assessment presentation will utilize the detailed health history and physical assessment you completed. You are to develop a professional PowerPoint presentation with narrative slides that covers the complete health history and physical assessment. You can design your PowerPoint presentation yourself. Keep in mind that this is a professional presentation. Please remember to abide by HIPAA rules and do not display or mention your patients name on the PowerPoint slides or in your oral presentation.

As you are completing your PowerPoint presentation you will need to add narrative to the slides. The narrative should be added under each slide in the PowerPoint presentation.

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