Creating the Environmentally Aware Organization , business and finance homework help

1. When it comes to environmental factors, it is important to understand how these factors impact the overall survival of a business. In your opinion, what imposes a greater risk to a business, external or internal factors?

2. When it comes to analyzing internal and external factors, what are some tools besides the SWOT tool than can be used to assess such issues?

3. In your opinion, what is the impact of an inaccurate SWOT Chart?

4. When it comes to supply chain management, is it best to in or outsource this requirement?

5. Describe Creating the Environmentally Aware Organization?

6. Why must managers be aware of a firm’s external environment?

7. Describe how the five forces can be used to determine the average expected profitability in an industry.

8. Briefly explain the four criteria for sustainability of competitive advantages.

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