Digital Media and Global Social Issues, assignment help

Digital Media and Global Social Issues

From health to business, from science to inclusion: the eight categories below reflect the most crucial

social issues of everyday life around the globe.

For this project, choose from one of the categories of international issues below and identify a topic or

problem in which digital media play a significantly influential part in addressing that topic or problem.

• e-Government & Open Data

• e-Health & Environment

• e-Learning & Science

• e-Entertainment & Games

• e-Culture & Tourism

• e-Media & Journalism

• e-Business & Commerce

• e-Inclusion & Empowerment


1. Select an issue/problem related to one of the topics above.

2. Conduct research on two or more countries where this issue exists.

3. Assess and discuss how digital media play an influential part in the issue/problem for each


4. Propose 2-3 solutions for the issue/problem for each country and anticipate counter arguments

to your solutions with rebuttals or concessions.

5. Remember to call your reader to action—what next steps need to be taken?


• Include research from at least 8-10 scholarly sources.

• Your paper should be 10-12 pages in length not counting the title and reference pages, which

you must include.

• APA format

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