Disaster Management and Preparedness Saudi Arabia

This is a nuclei of a proposal paper.follow the timetable of developing the proposal:

1. Eight (8) Articles were selected to fit my interest of research . (find them attached attached)

2. Initial annotation of the articles about (medical personnel in Saudi Arabia lack the awareness of disaster preparedness and hence the need for training on preparedness) was sent to the professor (find the attached file entitled “initial annotation before edit”)

3. the professor gave feedback about the initial annotation:

(How did Shalhoub, Khan, and Alaska (2017) collect their evidence? Was it a well-structured process? I believe most of your articles have something to support you, and I appreciate your thoughtful conclusions. I would expect to see a little (perhaps one sentence) on how they performed their data collection and analysis. From what you depict, all I can deduce is opinion. Make me believe it is factual conclusions based on solid logic.)

4. now I need to go further to the next step:

to Criticize all the articles and develop two to three questions that fit with proposal based on the articles (you may add articles if it helps to develop the paper.questions must be and also to include .

the professor requirements in his words:

Define as clearly as possible your Disaster Management topic area, specific research problem, and initial thoughts on the questions you might try to answer with your research proposal. These three areas should result from the refinement of your current review of the literature and life experience.

The 2 or 3 research questions that you can define as the foundation of your research proposal must be Disaster Management related, be of importance to the body of knowledge of the discipline, have a measurable output, and be accomplished within a two (2) year time frame.

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