Discussion 2: Personal Water Use

Go to this site to estimate your daily personal water use. https://www.watercalculator.org/wfc2/q/household/Use the + and – and scroll bars to fine tune each question. Near the end of the exercise, when asked for what you are most interested in, select “Get my Water Footprint.” Then select your “Indoor Water Use.”(1) Share your individual and household water footprint. How does it compare to the national average?  Share your screenshot of your results.(2) Does the number surprise you and why?(3) Scroll down on your results to see how your water use breaks down by category. What activity contributes to your largest consumption of water? Explain why this matters to you.(4) Do you consider the amount of water you use to be excessive or necessary? Why?(5) Look at the categories where your water use is greater than average and click on the “Tips.” Choose at least two of the conservation tips from any category and discuss howyouwill use these to conserve water in your everyday life.Reminder: a thoughtful reply to another student is required for all discussions. Three points are allotted to this!

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