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FORUM DESCRIPTIONListening is a skill taught the least and used the most, particularly at work. For those who wish to become leaders, assertive, engaged, and proactive listening is absolutely critical. In reviewing career experts’ articles and blogs, listening is identified in both overt and subtle themes.Read the following article from Harvard Business Review focused on the importance of listening a leadership tool.https://hbr.org/2016/05/listening-is-an-overlooked-leadership-toolAnswer the following questions:Relate the three levels of listening discussed in the article—internal listening, focused listening, and 360 listening—to concepts discussed in the chapter.Explain what is meant by the following statement: “Listening is an overlooked tool that creates an environment of safety when done well.”How do the suggestions to improve listening relate to concepts in the chapter?Please, at least 100 words per question.

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