Down to Earth: Environmental Science

A hot t, tropical grassland with scattered trees is a:SavannaTundraBoreal forestDesertPermafrost is a defining characteristic of which biome?:SteppeDesertTaigaTundraThe dominant plant type in temperate forest is:ForbsConiferous treesDeciduous treesSucculentsThe chaparral biome can be found in:CaliforniaAustraliaAll answers are correctThe MediterraneanTrees in the Boreal forest are adapted to conserve:CarbonPhosphorusNitrogenMagnesiumWhat is an endemic species?A species native to only one areaA species dying from an unknown diseaseA robust group of organisms that dominate an ecosystemA broad group of pollinating insectsWhich of the following is a driver of species creation?Climatic stabilityAll answers are driversTemporal stabilityHabitat heterogeneityPollinator ecosystem services are provided by which organism?BirdsAll are pollinatorsBeesBatWhy have scientists, farmers and politicians stored the world’s seed heritage on a remote island in the Arctic?Consistent temperatures and humidity for seed survival.If the facility’s climate control fails, the seeds will only freeze.All of these answers are correct.Polar bears and remoteness are great deterrents for terrorists.Scientists consider which of the following an important aspect of “biodiversity”?EcosystemsGenesSpeciesAll are importantWhat percentage of the timber imported by the United States is potentially illegally harvested?75%50%1%10%What is the present day extinction rate?About 10 times faster than the background rateAbout 100 times faster than the background rateAbout equal to the background rateAbout 1000 times faster than the background rateWhat percentage of river lengths in the United States have been modified through damming and bank modification?50%20%90%10%Which of the following statements is TRUE about extinction?Extinction occurs when speciation rates increase dramaticallyThe only large extinction event was 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs were killed.Extinction of more than half of the existing species on the planet has occurred roughly five timesPlants, but not animals, have been known to recover from extinctionWhich of the following threats has had a large impact on biodiversity?OverharvestingAll three are correctExotic speciesHabitat lossWhen an invasive species is introduced, what is the potential consequence of that introduction?Increased predation on some native speciesAll of the listed consequences can occurExtinction of economically important speciesReduced predation on some native speciesThe relationship between the populations of wild lynx and snowshoe hare is an example of what ecological interaction?Birth rates dynamicsNutrient cyclingTerritorial dominancePredator-prey interactionsEnergy is _________ as you move up the trophic levels.LostGainedCreatedConservedWhere one species benefits from prolonged interaction with another species, while the other species neither benefits nor is harmed is called:ParasitismCommensalismMutualismAdvantagism

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