Due now MGT435 week4 quiz

Question 11 ptsSatinelle is known for its ability to integrate newcomers into its high-performing culture. It also cares about supporting opportunities for employees’ professional growth. Because of this, Satinelle is known as a __________.built-to-change organizationtalent mind-set companybalanced scorecard entitya drama triangle corporationFlag this QuestionQuestion 21 ptsAll of the following iconic brands appeared on the Huffington Post’s list of companies that could soon go out of business EXCEPT __________.QuiznosAbercrombie & FitchGeneral Motorsthe Women’s National Basketball AssociationFlag this QuestionQuestion 31 ptsThe concept of strategic positioning is best summarized as the attempt to achieve sustainable competitive advantage by __________.offering lower-priced goods/services than the closest positioned competitormodeling products on those that are most successful in the relevant marketoutsourcing production overseasperforming different actions from rivals, or performing similar activities in different waysFlag this QuestionQuestion 41 ptsThe process of providing employees opportunities for their own career, personal, and professional growth is known as __________.professional developmentcommunity involvementorganizational involvementemployee–customer involvementFlag this QuestionQuestion 51 ptsA __________ organization is one that has practices in place to encourage, rather than obstruct, change.b2changetalent mind-setcreative destructioncultural lock-inFlag this QuestionQuestion 61 ptsIn order to facilitate the recruitment of the right talent, branding is especially important for __________.large, well-known corporationssmall, less visible companiesmultinational companiesmajor auto manufacturersFlag this QuestionQuestion 71 ptsA level 5 leadership style refers to leaders who tend to be __________.highly charismaticdramaticcalm and humbleruthless and cunningFlag this QuestionQuestion 81 ptsAn organization’s strongest capabilities are known as its __________.talent mind-setcore competenciesbuilt-to-change pillarsbranding assetsFlag this QuestionQuestion 91 ptsWhich of the following facts pertains to affordability under Heinz’s “Four As” strategy to emerging global markets?In Korea, ketchup is eaten primarily on pizza.In the Philippines, ketchup is made with bananas.In Indonesia, soy sauce is sold in small, 3-cent packets.In Sweden, customers care about a company’s reputation for CSR.Flag this QuestionQuestion 101 ptsWhich of the following companies does the author hold up as an example of one that did not survive because of its tendency to rest on its past successes?PolaroidBlockbusterBethlehem SteelCircuit City

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