Individual Analyzing Published Research Article (IAPRA)Part I: Research Question, Purpose, Variables and ParticipantsResearch QuestionClearly and concisely states your group research question as formulated in PICO format.Purpose of the StudyDescribe the purpose/aim of the study as the author stated in the article: may cut & pasteDo NOT change or modify the purpose statement on the articleVariablesIdentify study variables from the above stated Purpose of StudyQuantitative Study: Dependent & Independent Variables OR Descriptive, Qualitative Study: Variables of InterestParticipantsEnrollment: How did they recruit/enroll eligible participants in the study?Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria: Describe Inclusion & Exclusion CriteriaTotal Participant Numbers: Total numbers of participants in the studyIntervention Procedures/Obtaining Information ProceduresQuantitative StudyIntervention/Treatment GroupDescribe the intervention contents given to Intervention groupDescribe how the contents were given to Intervention groupIdentify the person who provided Intervention contents to Intervention groupControl Group: If the study has Control GroupDescribe the contents given to Control groupDescribe how the contents were given to Control groupIdentify the person who provided contents to Control group

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