Effective communication and outreach strategies with stakeholders

Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references:

The best way to get a hospital to implement an outreach program is to communicate to executives like our CEO and my stakeholders through written along with face to face communication. The first important thing to do would be to explain the idea or ideas that I have for an outreach program. For example, I believe strongly in heart failure clinics for Congestive Heart Failure patients. I have recently visited a new by cities program and have seen how successful it has been.

Using billboards, bulletins, emails, scheduling meetings with the board of nursing along with the CEO to share this vision with them would be a great way to start to get the word out. I would need to have all the information to discuss the plan for the outreach program, i.e. heart failure clinic. This information would include: metrics, measures of performance and success rates of how patient’s less than 30-day readmissions were decreased after following a program. This would show ad prove the importance of the out-reach program and how it will help overall population of the CHF patient’s remain in compliance with their medication and activities.

Following an action plan and execute these following steps will ensure to communicate effectively to the stakeholders involved.

1. Communicate- have a clear, concise plan to present your vision to the stakeholders

2. Learn how to embrace change

3. Plan for implementation within the organization

4. Design a model or tool used to put the plan into operating action (“amanet.org/training”)


(n.d.). Retrieved January 27, 2019, from https://www.amanet.org/training/articles/transform…


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